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30 Cyber Monday laptop deals are still available, with savings of up to $700 off Dell, Samsung, Apple, and other brands

Even though Cyber Monday is officially over, we're still seeing a lot of excellent deals as new stock is available. So, if you want a MacBook, a Windows PC or a Chromebook, you're still in luck since there are still deals on all of these, although less so on the MacBooks. We're also seeing a lot more deals on work and general-use laptops.

While we're hopeful some outlets may extend their savings further into Cyber Week, there are no price guarantees. We're keeping this post up-to-date to make sure you get the best offers out there. And since there are so many brands of laptops out there, CNET's team of more than a dozen shopping experts has curated a list based on top brands that we've tested ourselves. Check back here regularly, as this list is updated frequently and we close out Cyber Week.

Best Cyber Monday laptop deals and PC sales

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If you need something budget-friendly, this Chromebook is a great option, and even though it has more entry-level specs, they don't impact the Chromebook as much. Either way, it's a great deal overall, and you can even get 20% off Logitech accessories when you buy them together with this Chromebook.

The Ideapad 3i is a portable laptop, and with the Core i5-1155G7, it's excellent for both productivity and day-to-day use. Best Buy also throws in a month of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, and an extra $20 if you have My Best Buy Plus or Total.

The Dell Inspiron is a solid two-in-one laptop, and with the smaller screen size its easier to carry around. It comes with a powerful midrange CPU and an impressive 512GB of storage for you to work with.

If you're looking for a great midrange gaming laptop, this configuration of the Asus TUF has an RTX 4070 -- so it should handle most modern games relatively well if you keep the resolution and quality settings in check. You also get 16GB of RAM and 512GB of storage.

If you need something that's sleek and thin and has a bit of oomph, this Microsoft Surface Laptop 4 model could fit the bill with a 15-inch display powered by a high-end Ryzen 7. It can also compete fairly well with the MacBook Air when it comes to both performance and portability, and with the $200 discount, the Surface Laptop 4 is brought in the same price range as the MacBook Air.

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What should you look for in a Cyber Monday laptop deal?

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One of the biggest considerations is which laptop configuration is on sale. With the best laptop deals, typically only a specific version of the laptop is on sale, and making any changes could affect the price. This means that sometimes you find the 512GB model is actually cheaper than the 256GB option, or a similar situation. Be careful when you're adjusting specs, and look out for sudden price changes.

Ultimately, you're looking for the biggest savings versus not only the price but the usual "street" price for a laptop. Don't be fooled by list prices. Use price comparison sites or shopping extensions to make sure the discounted price is actually a good deal. 

When are the best laptop deals available?

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Generally, you'll find the best laptop deals during back-to-school shopping in late summer or early fall and a bit later in the year during annual Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales. There are laptop deals available throughout the year, but if you're looking for the best deal and can afford to wait, these are the best times of the year to buy one. We're currently seeing Cyber Monday laptop deals extend throughout Cyber Week. 

Which retailers usually offer the best Cyber Monday laptop deals?

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You can usually find laptop deals at a variety of retailers. Best Buy, Amazon, Newegg and other retailers tend to offer sales on more specific models, while manufacturers such as HP, Lenovo and Dell usually host larger sales that cover more models and configurations. If you're looking for a specific model, you'll want to keep checking back regularly for the latest set of deals.

More Cyber Monday deals from CNET

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